KIN Training. An integrated fitness and yoga service helping pre and post natal women workout healthier and happier – providing a holistic approach to fitness for the mind and body.

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KIN Mama
Pregnancy Fit with Lucy

A NEW group exercise class to help mamas…

  • Be strong and fit for birth

  • Help with back pain

  • Prevent ab separation prenatally (yes there are safe ways to do it!)

  • Perfect pelvic floor technique

  • Feel good in body and mind

  • Connect to other like-minded mums in the comfort of your own home!


Your teacher, Lucy mum of one (with another on the way!) is a personal trainer and certified in pre-and-post natal exercise. 

Tuesdays at 11.30AM (50mins) on Zoom

KIN Mama
Pregnancy Fit & yoga

A specially designed post-natal fitness and yoga combined class helping support mums in the most life-changing stages of motherhood.


This carefully curated yin-yang class delivered by Lucy and Vic combines low impact fitness training and yoga, designed in stages (stage1,2,3) to help you get back to feeling strong in body and mind.

New classes coming soon!

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KIN Fitness

Lucy offers one-to-one training for people looking to feel body positive - including a body composition summary, goal setting,  a tailored exercise and basic nutrition plan.


Lucy's approach is realistic and gradual to ensure that exercise is an enjoyable experience within your weekly routine.

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KIN Yoga

Join Vic for live streamed yoga classes including vinyasa flow, pre-natal yoga and yoga nidra for all levels. 


Vic also offers one-to-one sessions tailored to your needs and time. 

Visit for further details

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“My mission is to guide you at an uncertain and often overwhelming time of your life, to debunk some of the myths around exercise and pregnancy, and for you to come away from my classes feeling more knowledgeable, supported and strong.”


- Lucy.

KIN Training

Hemel Hempstead



Lucy (+44) 7798 755 028

Vic (+44) 7968 577 381


“Loving the KIN live training. Lucy’s fun and challenging exercises never fail to get the sweat going and keep me motivated. Vic’s yoga makes for the perfect post-workout stretch and relax ”

- Amy S.

“My core strength has improved a lot in just a short space. I feel ready to go and have a productive day after a KIN session”

- Matt.

“Physically I feel like I am getting stronger and more flexible. I also appreciate the headspace that I get from the yoga stretch and the set 'me time' I get each week ”

- Cassie.

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