• Lucy Dalton and Vic Quilliam

#WOFH Why we think working out from home could be the new working week norm

If anything positive has come from Covid-19, it has made us all consider the importance of our health and reinforced the need to keep ourselves strong, from our respiratory system to our immune function and maintaining a healthy weight.

With lockdown easing and gyms opening, there’s the expectation that people will be flocking back, however for some it doesn’t feel right. In fact a new poll conducted by Men's Health UK has revealed that almost 40 per cent of people would "rather work out at home" following the coronavirus pandemic. A recent KIN poll on Instagram also revealed our followers opted for home vs gym training too.

With the likelihood of WFH looking to be the new norm, at least till the end of the year for most, adjusting to a new working rhythm with health and wellbeing at the forefront, may be the answer to long-term work-life balance.

So, what are your wellbeing workout options from home?

Team workouts from anywhere

Shake up your Zoom meetings with a virtual session that focuses on both physical and mental wellbeing. KIN offer at home group HIIT and yoga sessions to time stretched businesses and individuals. Our training helps not only increase cardiovascular fitness, muscle health and energy with HIIT, but also the breathing and mindful stretching of yoga allows people to unwind and keep their lymphatic system flowing . The balanced two in one practice resets your focus and also addresses posture, something we know can get a bit neglected working in a home desk set up vs the office.

The Apps

In our opinion having facetime with a training in a live setting in invaluable to ensuring correct technique and to avoid injury, however if you want quick fix these apps offer some quick workouts for the body and mind:

  • FiiT

  • Peloton (subscription service with bike)

  • Nike Training Club

  • Headspace

The great outdoors

Walking or running in the open is a great way to re-set and clear your head in the middle of a working day. Although a dog does help in ensuring you get out there regularly, trackers like Fitbit or simply using an app on your phone to track steps can help to motivate you to set a goal each day – 10k a day is the way!

With the governments 33-point walking and cycling plan announced this month in an effort to tackle obesity, more protected routes are set to be available as well as free resources, such as the Couch to 5k and Weight loss app.

If solo workouts aren’t for you, invite a friend or even better if a colleague lives nearby make it a sweat-working sessions!

With exercise the key is to enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Dance, walk, skip – just do whatever makes you feel amazing afterwards and then make it regular!

For corporate ongoing class/wellness day rates for KIN Training please email us on for a quote.


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